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Q: How do I order your Home Plans?

A: Please call 1 (800) 665 - 9062 to order plans, or order on-line from this web site.

Q: How can I re-order plans?

A: To purchase additional identical sets of DESIGNED HOME PLANS at the unit copy price, your order must be placed within thirty (30) days of the original invoice date. Please quote the invoice number when you re-order.

Q: Can I order Mirror Reverse copies of a plan?

A: To build in mirror reverse of the plans shown, simply indicate in the appropriate box on the order form. One set will be provided in reverse, the balance of the sets will be as illustrated on this site. Check with your local building authority to ensure that they will accept plans marked "PLAN TO BE REVERSED." Note that the lettering and numbering will be backwards.

Q: Will your plans meet our local building code specification?

A: Our plans are drawn to meet the rigid requirements of the varied Canadian conditions and therefore meet or exceed the national building code and other provincial codes. Your plan can be built in any region of the country. Minor variations may apply to meet local building codes.

Q: How can I determine the cost of building a house that I choose?

A: Regional variation in the cost of labor and materials make it impossible for us to estimate the cost of building our houses in different parts of the country. However, you can determine how much houses cost per square foot in your community by consulting local builders and real estate agents. The figure that you derive will help you plan your construction budget. The people best able to determine the true cost of building your house are the general contractors who will bid on the job. Be sure to seek their advice before you commit yourself to any course of action.

Q: Can your Home Plans be modified or customized?

A: With the wide variety of types and styles of homes offered by Spectrum Design, you are likely to find the home that best suits you. In addition, our plans can be customized to your taste by your choice of siding, decorative detail, trim, color and other non-structural alterations. If you do need to make minor modifications to the plans, these can usually be accomplished by your builder without the need for blueprint modifications. However, if you decide to revise the plans significantly, we strongly suggest that you consult one of our designers to re-draw the plans to suit your particular needs. An hourly rate is charged for this service.

Q: Can I make Foundation and Exterior Wall Changes?

A: Most of our plans are drawn with either a full or partial basement foundation. Depending upon your specific climate or regional building practices, you may wish to convert the basement to a slab or crawlspace. Most professional contractors and builders can easily adapt your plans to alternate foundation types.

Q: Do you develop Custom Designed Homes?

A: Perhaps the ultimate design solution for your new home is to seek professional assistance and have a custom design created for your own individual requirements. For many of our clients, this is the only way to ensure that they have examined and solved every detail associated with creating their new home. Please call our trained design consultants to discuss your custom requirements for a no cost, no obligation estimate on turning your dreams into reality.

Q: What is your exchange policy for blueprints?

A: We guarantee your satisfaction! Although blueprints are not sent on approval and are not returnable for a refund, we will be pleased to exchange them, subject to the following terms. All sets must be returned in original condition and accompanied by the invoice number. They will be accepted for exchange up to thirty (30) days from the invoice date. The resulting credit may be used as payment at the time of re-order for up to twelve (12) months. Re-orders from exchanges are subject to a service charge of $95.

Q: What are copyright regulations for your plans?

A: All plans are protected under copyright law and reproduction of the illustrations or working drawings is strictly prohibited. The purchaser has the right to build only one structure from the plans purchased and the plans cannot be resold. Exceptions are permitted only by written authorization.

Q: What is a "Frontal Sheet"?

A: An artist's drawing of the exterior of the house, drawn in two point perspective, gives you an idea of how the house will look when built and landscaped.

Q: What is the "Exterior Elevation"?

A: Drawings in 1/4 scale show the front, rear and sides of your house and give necessary notes on exterior materials and finishes. Attention is given to brick, stone or other finish items to make your home distinctive.

Q: What do detailed floor plans show?

A: Complete in 1/4 scale, these plans show the layout of each floor in the house. All rooms and interior spaces are carefully dimensioned and keys are provided for the cross-section details given later in the plans. All specific details for construction are noted.

Q: What is the "Foundation Plan"?

A: Drawn to 1/4 scale, this sheet shows the complete foundation layout, floor joist layout and all measurements and notes required for the construction of the foundation.

Q: Do your plans show Cross-Sections?

A: Yes, cross-sections of the house show details of the construction of the house, for example, the foundation, walls, trusses, stairs, joists and so on. This is extremely valuable for construction as these sections show how the various parts of the house fit together.

Q: Do your plans show the Electrical and Heating Layout?

A: The plans show the position of electrical outlets, switches, lights, smoke detectors, heat ducts, cold air returns and additional notes to aid you in your home construction.

Q: Can you supply Site Plans?

A: Our Home Plans include a standard site plan with open dimensions which can be filled in by the owner or builder. However, many municipalities now require site plans drawn to scale. If this is the case, please send all information described below and for a nominal fee, for most plans, we will draw a site plant to scale, showing the location of the house on the lot. To prepare a complete site plan, it is required that you supply a copy of a legal survey indicating all dimensions, bearings, easements and steep grades. The required set back, side yard and rear yard allowances must be indicated. These details can be obtained from your local municipality or building authority with the exception of the survey. A land survey company or possibly a local realtor can supply or prepare this at a nominal fee.

Q: Do you include basement development in your plans?

A: Our plans include a development of the basement for immediate or future construction, which will increase the value of your home.

Q: Can you provide a Materials List?

A: For an additional charge, we can provide a Computerized Materials list to help you with your strategic planning, organizing, evaluation, pricing and negotiations for all the stages of your building project. It is a complete itemized quantity materials take-off, available for most plans. It can be invaluable in helping you to estimate the cost of materials when compiling bids, assist with the coordination of building trades people, or to simply provide a helpful guide to your building contractor to assist him with organizing the hundreds of items associated with the house construction project.Due to the wide variety of building practices and availability of materials from region to region, some adjustments may be necessary to suit local conditions. Similarly, mechanical details (heating, plumbing and electrical) are supplied by local contractors. All dimensions, materials and specifications must be checked before construction. Any discrepancies or questions should be reported immediately to Spectrum Design before proceeding or continuing construction.

Q: How do I know whether I need an Engineer's Report?

A: Local building authorities may require an Engineer's Report and Seal due to non-standard building conditions such as high snow or wind loads (pre-designed plans are designed to a maximum ground snow load of 40 lbs. per square foot), unusual site conditions (low load bearing soil, extreme grades), special seismic requirements or complex structure exceeding the specifications of the National or Uniform Building Code. Although required infrequently, this service is the responsibility of the plan buyer and may be obtained for an additional fee from a qualified professional engineer in your area.

Q: PDF Lisence Use?

A: The PDF file is provided on its original size. It comes with a license allowing you to build the chosen house, (one time only), and will enable you to print the required amount of copies of your plan for your personal use! (Depending on the PDF package you have purchased.)

The included license is for building one house only. To build more than one house, please contact us for a multiuse building license. PDF sets are not available with all house plans.

Changes to plans should only be made by qualified professionals. Spectrum Design is not responsible for any changes made to plans by others.

Q: How Long Can I use The PDF File ?

A: We allow our clients to use the P.D.F. version of a specific home plan for up to 12 months from the time of purchase, however the P.D.F. file is site specific and is not to be forwarded to anyone who is not directly working or associated with the specific site shown on the P.D.F. file.

Any attempts to manipulate this file in anyway including whiting out or deleting the Lot ,Block ,Plan #’s will be considered as an attempt to use the P.D.F. for building multiple times ,Spectrum Design will consider this as theft of proprietor property and will seek compensation.

Q: Receving And Sending A PDF?

A: The Adobe PDF format has become the international standard for dependable distributing and visualization of information. Adobe Reader 9 is free software that allows you to safely collaborate on PDF documents.